All it Takes

All it Takes

I sign on today to the news of another, yes another, mass shooting. I am growing so tired and weary of hearing about people hating each other. There has to be a change. The change starts with you and me.

I was at Walmart today in line waiting to make a purchase, which was taking quite a while. The lady ahead of me turned around and I simply smiled at her and she smiled back. Now that may seem like nothing, but I know it made me feel good to receive compassion from a stranger, and I'm sure it was the same with her. The little things make the biggest impact. Let's turn off our TV's, sign off the internet, hearing about the horrific news, and remember that there doesn't HAVE to be so much hurt, pain and hate in this world. It can be a self-revolution.

So, while you're out shopping, smile at a stranger. Open a door for someone. Carry their groceries to their car. These small things will go a long way. We need to love each other. The world is seriously lacking some love and compassion right now.


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