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Acknowledge the Good Days!

So, through a lot of hard work, I am once again feeling great. I really challenged myself this week to work out my anxieties on my own and fight Albert without relying on my dad or Trish to solve my issues for me. It's been an interesting week, but it was worth the effort. I was just talking to a friend and she encouraged me to get a calendar and put stars on the good days. This way, you can see how hard you've worked and that happiness can be achieved throughout the week. I think it is a good idea to acknowledge the good days so that when you are having an off day, you can look back and say "hey, I'm struggling right now, but if I work hard enough, I can be happy again". This proves to you that there is always hope and success if you try hard enough.

So, today is one of those gold star days. It's nice to see that my efforts are coming through and being noticed by my support network. I am sure my support network is very happy that I am thriving and being as happy as I am. I told my friends "my brain is working properly today!" and I couldn’t have gotten there if I hadn't used my coping
mechanisms and fought hard. I had to force myself to not pick up the phone for quick reassurance. Sure, there was a lot of the time where I felt uncomfortable, but perseverance pays off. So, you're having a good mental health day? Acknowledge it. Give yourself a pat on the back and know that you got there through hard work. Your next goal will be keeping up with the hard work and being in control of your recovery.


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