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I write this blog so that people can read about my recovery and what I do to stay well.

I will share today’s topic: perseverance. Perseverance is so key when recovering from a mental illness in dealing with anxiety. I have had to persevere over the years by taking my medication, going to doctor’s appointments, and doing things to keep well mentally. Sometimes perseverance for me has been as much as just getting out of bed in the morning. The will to have to fight through the challenges that I face. To pick myself up when I get knocked down and brush myself off. To keep moving forward with my recovery and make steps each day.

Currently, I am persevering. I talked in my last blog about my OCD with my toilet. Well today I am fighting Albert and refusing to let myself go and sanitize the toilet. I have done it once already. This is very difficult for me, because I have a strong urge to get up and do it. But this is a key chance to persevere and beat Albert by fighting back. Telling him that no matter how much I want to give in and sanitize the toilet, I am not going to.

This is just a personal example. Sometimes you’ll be tempted to do something, even when it doesn’t need doing. You just have to be strong and tell yourself NO, you are not going to repeat actions over and over because it becomes an obsession. Try not to obsess over thoughts. Occupy yourself with something that can take your mind off the issue at hand. If you are strong and persevere, then that is a step forward. Recovery is all about making those steps forward.

So, that is how I am going to challenge myself tonight. The toilet has been sanitized and I’m going to keep telling myself that it doesn’t need doing it again. Then I’m going to occupy self so I don’t obsess over it.

So, try it. If there is something that is really bothering you, or you are obsessing over something, fight back! Use positive self-talk, and tell yourself that you’re not going to get caught in the trap that your mind sets. Do things once and move on. Keep making steps forward in your recovery!

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