Just Smile

Just Smile

Ok so I really want to stress about living in the moment. I know I've talked about it on here a few times, but I wanted to share my story Of success with you. This blog is a success report on how well I have been doing this week and the progress I have made.

Mondays are usually pretty stressful for me, because I have to do laundry. As you can imagine, handling dirty laundry can be kinda gross to a germophobe. However, last Monday I woke up and something was different. I went to the
laundry room and right away, Albert reared his ugly head. It was something about touching the door handle with my shirt and then the worry that later my clean shirts would touch the shirt I was wearing and in some magical way, bacteria would transfer and make me sick. It sounds like a ridiculous thing to worry about, but that's the sort of thing that plagues my mind. Anyway, at that moment, 1 quietly said to myself "live in the moment". As I focused on that, I began to see my anxiety float away. Throughout the morning, as each new anxiety popped up, I said "live in the moment, don't worry about what MIGHT happen, focus on right NOW" and poof the anxiety was gone. Elated, I went to my Recovery Support Training class later that day, excited to tell my friends how well I was doing and the breakthrough I had made. It was such a great day, I was worry free and having a great time.

As this last week has gone by, I have been drilling it into my head. Live in the moment. Live in the moment. Live in the moment. And it is working! If I worry that the toilet seat isn’t clean, I reject that anxiety by saying "I'm living in the moment, that is something in the future so I don't have to worry about it right now". My life has been so much more enjoyable!

So, live in the moment and just smile. We are blessed to wake up each morning and we shouldn't waste our time on this earth by worrying.

By the way, I'm gonna tear next Monday apart! I am not worrying about it, but I am making a statement to myself that Monday is not going to get the best Of me. Why? because I am living in the moment.

I am so blessed. Life is good.


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