Today I am going to write about something that I have been working on, and hopefully it encourages you as well to try it.

The main discussion today is about staying grounded in reality. I have been extremely successful with my battle with anxiety recently, but I have noticed my thoughts getting side tracked and my thinking becoming irrational. This is where I have been learning that these anxious thoughts are just Albert trying to ruin my day. The goal is to realize that they are just thoughts and a lot of time they are irrational. For instance, last night I was troubled with anxiety but I talked to my sister in law about it, and just saying my concern out loud helped me realize that there wasn’t even a legitimate problem in the first place.

It can be so easy to lose track of reality and get caught up in worry. My tip is for you to say your anxiety out loud in a sentence, and then you can hear it and determine if it is something that you should really be worrying about. I have found that it is a great technique and brings me a lot of relief knowing that I really don’t have anything to worry about. Another realization you have to make is to realize that Albert isn’t real. These are just thoughts in your head that don’t make sense but, I know from experience, that they can be torturous. By keeping yourself aware that you can overcome these thoughts and stay in reality, you will find much success in dealing with your anxiety.

So, I encourage you to try speaking out your anxiety and remember that when an anxious thought comes in your head, really think and ask yourself if you are being rational or if your thoughts are running away from you. It can be a difficult thing to try at first, but I guarantee with practice and persistence, you will get through it.


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