There has been a major change in all our lives with the recent US election. Quite frankly, I have been disgusted and dismayed at the actions of some. Trump winning has sparked a lot of hate and ugly feelings for many people. The US is divided. We all get on Facebook and complain about how much we hate Trump or Hillary. We attack each other for petty reasons, we argue, we fight and we hurt each other. We discriminate against others for voting for the opposite candidate. We spit hateful words.

This is not right.

We live in a wealthy country, we have nice houses (and apartments), we have food in our cupboards, running water and electricity. We have nice clothes and shoes to keep us warm. We have every electronic toy known to man, cell phones, computers, tv's, etc. We are not starving. We are not in the middle of a country in civil war. It is safe for us to walk the streets and be who we are. We can love who we want, we can say what we want and we can do what we want. That's pretty damn good if you ask me.

Please, please, look at your life and realize how blessed we are! We have it all! We don’t have to worry about when our next meal is going to be or if we are going to have clean water to bathe in. We can walk down the street and not have to worry about car bombs. Think about it people... we have it good. So, stop the hate! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We all have free choice. It is not right to insult someone because they didn’t vote the way you did. It is not right to discriminate against certain people because of their skin colour, nationality' or sexual preference. We are better than that!

What we CAN do is love each other, because we are all going through this together! We all face the struggle that is at hand. Let's just try and be a little nicer to each other. Have some compassion. A simple smile goes a long way! We as humans need to support each other. Enough of this hate garbage.