Not Over

Not Over

Today I would like to write about my support network and people that have come and gone from it. I have an extensive support network, some people are closer than others, but there are several people that help me.

The one thing you have to be careful of when dealing with anxiety and a support network, is to not wear your supporters out. I’ve had people in the past that I have worn out, simply because I did not know that I was being over bearing and expecting too much. Your support network will be there for you when they can, give them a break when they can’t, and don't ever make them feel guilty for taking some time for themselves.

I have made it a point recently to try and rebuild some of the burnt bridges that were in my support network. I’ve been going through a reflecting process and realize that some people I treated unfairly, or expected too much from them.

This is where I go back and let these people know that I am not mad at them and that it's not a bad thing that they took that time for themselves. We all can only handle so much. Some people can handle more than others. So, just be aware when you are venting or depending on someone in your support network, that they are going through their own set of things and are on their own journey in life.

It doesn’t have to be over if you've burnt a bridge. Why? Because bridges can always be re-built. Give the person adequate time to re-charge and try not to be so overbearing. Your support network loves you; they wouldn’t be in your life if they didn't. So, treat them fairly and be aware of their limits.

To the people reading this that have been in my support network and are re-charging: I get it. I just had to step back and take some time to realize that even though you care immensely about me, you have your own limits and only so much of yourself that you can give. It has been a learning lesson for me and I strive daily to improve my support
network, treat them fairly and be aware of how much they can handle.

Take a moment to analyze your support network and try not to burn bridges. Yes, bridges can be rebuilt but it often it takes time. Patience is key when you are dealing with others.