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Putting Your Foot Down

Another lesson I have learned in my recovery is that sometimes you have to say NO and put your foot down. This can be applied to people in your life, friends, family, coworkers, etc. It seems like it should be such a simple thing to do, but Often it is quite challenging. The reality is that you cannot let someone push you against the wall and test your limits. 

I had to say NO today. However, this was a positive occurrence. If you have been following my blog and my story, you know about Albert. Well, yesterday and today Albert decided he wanted to be particularly nasty, and for a while, he was winning. But, when I got home from my dad's, I walked into my apartment and said NO MORE. dubbed this evening as a "NO BS" evening. There were several things that Albert was bothering me with throughout the day yesterday and today, which it all was a load of... well, you know, crap. I went around, doing my usual activities after coming home. Each time Albeit tried to bring something up, I said NO Albert. I didn't give myself a chance to obsess over anything. I didn't go around sanitizing everything like Albert wanted me to. I kept things simple and moved on with my evening activities. 

A good way to defeat your anxiety is to keep it simple. When you get an anxious thought, don't give yourself time to think and obsess about it. Move on to the next task„ Keep yourself occupied. Keep things moving. Say NO to your anxiety and do your best to not fall into its trap. 

The worst thing is falling into a pit of anxiety. You can stay out of these pits as long as you continue to progress with your day. I know if I get too idle, I start thinking about things too much and anxiety creeps in. A lot of the time, those anxieties are completely irrational. 

Be real with yourself. Be real with your environment. Look at the world around you and keep yourself grounded. By keeping yourself motivated and moving, anxiety can’t win. Try it.