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Today I'd like to write about my biggest hobby, video games. I have a very nice set up in my apartment with an amazing gaming computer that my brother built for me. I've been gaming online since I was 12. It all started with multiplayer Rainbow Six. Throughout the years I have been in different clans and met many very interesting people.

Now if you are reading this and you have a son or daughter who is into video games, don’t panic and think they are lazy or apathetic. Gaming can actually be quite therapeutic. I have friends who have also been gaming for many years and some will even go as far as saying that it has saved their life. I know gaming sometimes gets a bad name and is considered something that is completely useless. On the contrary. Gaming is actually one of my biggest coping mechanisms. I play an array of different games, logging in thousands of hours over the years. The coolest part is the friends I have made along the way. I have gaming buddies from all around the world. A lot of these people know my story and know that I struggle with anxiety. When I am feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, I can just hop on Left 4 Dead 2 with Goose and we can have a blast, shooting zombies and laughing the whole time. I am truly grateful for the friends I have made.

So, before you scold your child for playing too many video games, take a deeper look and see how it can actually be quite beneficial. Gaming takes you into a different world where you can forget about real life and just have fun. It is a good distraction for someone who is hearing voices or suffering from anxiety. I have found that it has worked very well for me and like I said, it has saved the lives of a few of my friends.

There is nothing better to get rid of some anxiety than to just shoot some zombies, build a city, race a car or immerse yourself in a magical world. I am proud to be a gamer and I am so lucky to meet the people I play with who support me along the way. So, there's just another little coping mechanism when I'm at home and I've got anxiety. Big shout out to Goose — he is my best online buddy and no one can make me laugh like he can. My online friends help me every day and I express that to them so they know how special they are to me. Now, it's time to shoot some zombies!